Episode 1: Anne + Lily

Episode 1 image

Anne is living on her own in Amsterdam and runs into her ex girlfriend Lily. She is looking back on their relationship and how it ended.

Episode 2: Anne + Janna

Episode 2 image

Anne is in need of something exciting, but is it really making her happy?

Episode 3: Anne + Sophie

Episode 3 image

Anne is falling for the eccentric Sofie, but the attraction is not mutual.

Episode 4: Anne + Esther

Episode 4 image

During her internship Anne gets drawn into an affair with her boss Esther. When Anne goes home with Esther after a party, she ends up in an awkward situation.

Episode 5: Anne + Sara

Episode 5 image

Anne gets into a relationship with the beautiful and intelligent Sara. The only thing that’s getting in their way is the fact that Sara isn’t yet at ease with her sexual orientation.

Episode 6: Anne

Episode 6 image

As Anne is waking up in her new apartement, thinking about her future, she gets an unexpected visit.


Episode 1: ANNE+ Lily+Doris

Episode 1 image

Just when Anne thinks she’s got her life together, everything around her seems to fall apart. Her ex Lily doesn’t want to be in touch anymore, her parents are divorcing and she is just not that into Caro.

Episode 2: ANNE+ Jip+Maya

Episode 2 image

Now Anne is prevented from contacting Lily, she wants to hang out with her best friend Jip. But Jip just restarted dating her ex Maya and Anne is jealous.

Episode 3: ANNE+ Jos+Liesbeth

Episode 3 image

Anne gets away to her family home. A surprise awaits her when she arrives. The house is already sold and it’s time to pack her stuff.

Episode 4: ANNE+ Sara+Anne

Episode 4 image

Anne’s great love Sara suddenly shows up at the door. Nowadays she does know what it is she wants: Anne. But Anne had just decided that she wanted to be alone. Or doesn’t she?

Episode 5: ANNE+ Esther+Noa

Episode 5 image

Together with Sara, Anne is going to the wedding of her old boss Esther. On a date with your ex to the wedding of your other ex. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 6: ANNE+ Casper+Daantje

Episode 6 image

Anne’s best friend Casper and his girlfriend Daantje want to move in with each other in Amsterdam. Casper found his dream home, but it’s far over Daantje’s budget.

Episode 7: ANNE+ Teun+Max

Episode 7 image

Anne’s activism is showing when two guys got beaten up because they were holding hands. Together with her friend and former colleague Max, Anne organizes an anti-violence demonstration.

Episode 8: ANNE+

Episode 8 image

On her twenty fifth birthday Anne throws a dinner party for her close friends. Alcohol and conversation are flowing throughout the evening where they discuss life and love.