Dear followers!

A LOT has happened since we last updated our website. Maybe some of you may have stayed informed through our facebook and instagram, but for who wasn’t, here’s what happened: we shot a second season, traveled the world and will release our first season worldwide on YouTube this week!

After a heart warming premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival, our series was broadcasted at Dutch Public Television. We almost immediately pitched for a second season, and guess what?! We finished shooting in October and our second season will come out in The Netherlands on 03.03.2020, again broadcasted by BNNVARA, both on tv and online. The episodes will be longer and there’ll be more! We created 8 episodes of 25 minutes. That gave us the opportunity to tell more about the characters we’ve already met in season 1, and get to know some new characters as well.  As you can imagine, to be able to make a (much bigger) second season, knowing how the project started – all on a voluntary base and out of a big importance we felt in our hearts – is a dream come true.

In the meantime, we’ve also traveled the world with film festivals. ANNE+ had its international premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Fun fact: this is where we met Orange is the New Black star Laura Gomez, who loved the show and is now in our second season.

After Tribeca we went to several LGBTQ+ film festivals. We showcased our series at Inside Out Toronto, Outfest LA, Gaze Dublin, MixBrasil Sao Paolo, Image+Nation Montréal and more. We won the Jury Award at the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian festival, and ANNE+ was nominated for the Prix Europe 2019. It’s been a crazy and amazing year. Our creators traveled with the series to do Q&A’s, and met so many inspiring people. Other queer film makers as well as an international audience that responded very well to the series and often told us they couldn’t  wait to share the series with their friends.

Now – as we promised – that will finally be possible! Friday January 17 2020, ANNE+ season 1 will have it’s international release on YouTube. Thanks a lot for your patience.

It’s a very exciting time for us, we can’t wait to see what will happen in the future.

Best whishes,

ANNE+ team

Update for our international followers


In 2,5 years we’ve come a long way. What started as a small idea escalated into a webseries with worldwide following. The good news is that we released in our home country! Together with our producer Millstreet Films we are working hard on our international release. Believe us when we say that is our biggest wish: we want ANNE+ to travel the world. We want to thank you for your patience and do know that your enthusiasm and support really helps, so please keep liking and sharing so we can prove how much support there is all over the world.

Please bear with us just a little longer! We will keep you posted.



ANNE+ at Margriet van der Linden!

Click here to watch the item.

ANNE+ ticket sale NFF


On September 30, ANNE + will have its premiere during the 38th edition of the Netherlands Film Festival in the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. At the premiere, the six parts of the series will be screened in presence of cast and crew. The tickets for the premiere of ANNE + were sold out within one day!

Tickets will be on sale from Monday, September 3 for the other ANNE + screenings during the festival. Click here to buy your tickets!

If you can’t see ANNE+ during NFF: the series will be broadcasted in The Netherlands by BNNVARA and 3LAB, both on TV and online.

ANNE+ premiere at NFF 2018


ANNE + will have its Dutch premiere on September 30 at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht!

Claire van Daal, programmer for film and television at the Netherlands Film Festival: “Hanna van Vliet once again proves to be a great talent, but it’s also great to see actresses like Djamila Landbrug and Joy Wielkens. Interesting dialogues and monologues, a performance to write this right after your graduation. “



We can proudly announce that we have been selected for the short form competition of Festival SERIES MANIA in Lille. We will have our world premiere on May 4th with 3 episodes. The official release of the complete series is still unknown, but we’ll keep you posted!



On December 8, 2017 the creator and scriptwriter Maud Wiemeijer and actress Hanna van Vliet were guests at Koffietijd to talk about the series and the crowdfunding campaign. You can see the item (at 28:30) here.



The webseries about the turbulent love life of the lesbian twenty-something-year-old student named Anne stands out. The first teaser was released this summer and got over thirty thousand views on YouTube in a short amount of time and has been discussed in De Volkskrant, Het Parool and the American Curve Magazine. In order to produce the rest of the series, we have started a crowdfunding campaign on 20 November, which is supported by i.a. writer Maartje Wortel, comedian Yora Rienstra, soccer player Leonne Stentler and theater maker, writer & (voice)actress Anne van Veen. For interview requests with the director and writer, please contact ANNE+ via



Scenarist Maud Wiemeijer and director Valerie Bisscheroux were interviewed by Metro. Read the article from 21 November 2017 here.