The weekend Anne (24) moves into her own place she unexpectedly runs into her ex-girlfriend Lily. Lily was her first girlfriend and a lot has happened since they broke up four years ago. Over the weekend, Anne reflects on the relationships she has had throughout her student years in Amsterdam. In six episodes we learn about Anne’s turbulent love life and how these diverse girls and various relationships have contributed to who she is today.

Format (6x 11 minutes)

ANNE+ had its Dutch premiere on September 30, 2018 at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. On September 30, episodes 1 and 2 were released online by BNN/VARA, 3LAB and the ANNE+ YouTube. Episode 3 will be online on Wednesday, October 3, episode 4 on October 10, episode 5 on October 17 and episode 6 on Ocotober 24. From October 30, 2018, the series will be broadcasted on television in the Netherlands at NPO3.


The lack of lesbian role models in the media is a problem shared by young lesbians from all continents. Since the launch of the teaser we have received reactions and interview requests from all over the world. That shows that the importance of a series where homosexuality is not portrayed as a problem but as a given is unmistakable.

A large part of the cast and crew feels personally connected to the project. We have previously experienced that there is not enough content available on sexual diversity, and in particular, content that shows that some feelings are not strange and that homosexuality is not necessarily a recipe for trouble. The key motivation for producing ANNE+ is to make sure that young people from all around the world have access to the content we missed during our teen years.


Millstreet Films produces commercially driven and creatively-spirited independent feature film and TV series, focusing mainly on female audiences. They build long term relationships with our writers and directors. Our strength lies in the creations of strong brands/ film properties.

The company was founded in 2010 by Rachel van Bommel. Their film catalogue includes Dutch box office smash hits Loft, Viper’s Nest and Sophie 1 and 2. In 2014 Millstreet Films produced its first drama series The Neighbors, which got very high audience ratings. It is also the first Dutch TV show to be distributed to a global audience via Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 and 2 are available on the platform in 200 countries and territories. Season 3 just premiered in Holland and a fourth season is already in production. After the success of both feature lms, Sophie has return as a TV series last year. Even before release, a second season was ordered and is in production.


The series ANNE+ is the first project of the ANNE+ Foundation. Besides scenarist Maud Wiemeijer and director Valerie Bisscheroux, executive producers Laura Bouwmeester and Renée Janssen are also part of the foundation. ANNE+ Foundation has the aim to contribute to a wider representation of sexual orientation and gender identity in the media, and the visibility and acceptance of these themes worldwide.

Episodes 1 and 2 were developed by the ANNE + Foundation with subsidies from, among others, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the Trut Fund and with the help of a successful crowdfunding at CineCrowd. ANNE+ soon came into the attention of film production company Millstreet Films and with them, the rest of the season could be realised. Meanwhile, it is known that the series will be shown on television and online by BNNVARA and 3LAB.

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